Oragami bookmark

30 Jan

Origami bookmark

OK so have you ever wanted a bookmark that’s not the classic rectangle? Well when I was looking for something to do I came across this. This is a really cool origami bookmark monster. It doesn’t have to be a monster though you can make it plain or anyway you want to make it.

1 so, the first you’re going to do is to cut a triangle off the corner of an envelope. Make sure it’s not too big but not small. Untitled

2 On a paper draw a square. This is where you get to use the ruler. Don’t make it any smaller than about 2 inches. Make another square the same size just right of the first square. And then make another square the same size on the top of the first square.

Untitled3 draw a line across the bottom right to the top right of the 1st square. Scribble out the left half. Then draw a line across the top right square, from its bottom right corner to its bottom left corner. Scribble out the lower right half.


4 cut out the whole thing. NOT SEPERATLY! But only the ones NOT scribbled out!


5 Trace your shape onto your piece of
cardstock or on smooth cardboard. And cut the shape out. Untitled                                        

6  Cut a square of paper a little smaller than the one you used for your shape and glue it onto the shape for decoration. 


7 Fold one triangle in.But DO NOT glue it!


8 put glue to the side facing up of and glue it to the triangle facing down.


10 at the end if you want you can put another piece of paper and decorate it at the top just like we did to the bottom and then you can add teeth and eyes and there you go!



A little extra thanks to http://tallystreasury.com for helping me with this. pic from www.playpennies.com




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